Animal Bites

Wisconsin state law (SS 95.21) requires that any dog or cat which bites a person be quarantined for ten days so that it can be observed for signs of rabies. This explains what such a quarantine involves and gives the reasons why these measures must be taken.  Note that the information here applies only to dogs and cats that have bitten a person, and that the requirements of the quarantine vary depending on whether the animal is current on its rabies immunization. If the animal is not current on its rabies immunization, it must be quarantined at a facility that is set up to monitor and kept separate from other animals.

What is Rabies Observation Quarantine (RO)?

Cost for quarantine at the Oneida County Humane Society for residents of Oneida County: $150.00 paid up front.

Owner Responsibilities:

  • Day of the bite the first vet visit must be made (unless the clinic is not open that day.) That would be considered the 1st RO visit.
  • 2 other appointments must be made with the last appointment being on day 10 of quarantine and the 2nd somewhere in the middle. A total of 3 visits within the 10-day quarantine.
  • Owner will be responsible for veterinarian costs
  • Owner will be responsible for setting up their scheduled vet visits with Animal Healthcare Center next to OCHS or arranging for a mobile vet to come to OCHS or Scott McKay from Buck Lake Vet. (715) 577-4466
  • Let OCHS know when the visits are scheduled. That way they can have your pet ready for the veterinarian’s arrival.
  • If the bite happens on a weekend the owner will be responsible for finding a vet to conduct the Rabies Observations, the very first day of the following week. (Monday)
  • On the 10th day before the last vet visit OCHS can discharge the pet with the owner’s signature. During this last visit your pet will get its rabies vaccination and you may go home after that visit.

Please contact the Oneida County Humane Society Adoption Center for more information

(715) 362-5992